SHAHRIAR TAMIN E EJTEMAEI professional clinic in SALMAS which was utilized and equipped by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL COMPANY  end April ,was an effective step to the prosperity and improvement of the medical equipment  and health  services for WESTEN AZERBAIJAN hence there was a fundamental change to SALMAS CITY’S TAMIN E EJTEMAEI ‘s Insured people’s treatment service.

Having a bright history in different fields of health system such as consulting, designing, equipping, setting up, improving and developing the medical centers related to TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization and other governmental  organs and private centers  this company is active in these fields.

SALMAS city is one of the western AZERBAIJAN cities  with 200000 population  and according to the cities geographical condition its people Demand to make more  health care and treatment facilities  in order to avoid and decrease  the number of patients  who Travel to the  other cities for treatment .this clinic was a general clinic in the past but after this project it has been improved  to a professional  clinic and with a 3115 CBM foundation this clinic contains:

pharmacy, emergency(room ,CPR room,  outpatient surgery room,….) clinic, hospitalization room, laboratory, exam room ,plaster room and official department and has been utilized on 2017/05/01  while it has been announced to TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company in 2015.

Western AZERBAIJAN ‘ s honorable manager appreciated TAMIN E EJTEMAEI COMMERCIAL ompany ‘s technicians and experts for making convenient condition and good quality products,  on time   equipment and higher engagement, by sending them appreciation tablet imultaneous with the labor’s day.




ILAM’S SHOHADAYE ZAGROS TAMIN E EJTEMAEI HOSPITAL which has been opened via video conference by the president ,has been utilized and equipped by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI COMMERCIAL company.

DR.MOHAMMAD ALI HEMMATI, TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization’s treatment assistant announced During the opening ceremony , there will be electronic services being presented in ILAM’S SHOHADAYE ZAGROS hospital and furthermore hoteling improvement is to be seriously followed  so by the end of the year all of the hospitals hoteling will be improved and all the attenders will be pleased.

SHOHADAYE ILAM hospital is a smaller version of TEHRAN’s MILAD hospital including all the Required clinical and treatment facilities.

Having more than 50 years of experience in equipping ,set up ,improvement of the hospitals and treatment centers and as ILAM citizens demand TAMIN E EJTEMAEI COMMERCIAL company equipped and utilized this center  while purchasing all the modern facilities and equipment and Using the professional treatment personal and experts in order to give services to the insured and citizens.

This center has been constructed in a 7000 CBM foundation in 4 floors and includes: clinic, Emergency, scan and Dentistry.

the related equipment request was announce to TAMIN E EJTEMAEI COMMERCIAL company on 2011 and has been utilized on may  2017.

The first floor includes:4 ICU beds,16 women sickbeds and 16 men sickbeds. the surgery department is located in the second floor and  includes: orthopedic , obstetrics and gynecology ,eye and general .CPR, kitchen ,laundry  and frig are located in underground floor.

ILAM’S SHOHADAYE ZAGROS TAMIN E EJTEMAEI’s head of board of directors announced: All the hospital’s department such as surgery  and emergency departments have been equipped and all the required medical devices have been purchased and already set up and installed in this hospital.

ILAM province’s treatment manager appreciated TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company by sending them appreciation tablet.




CHAMESTAN TAMIN E EJTEMAEI clinic’s utilization ceremony was held in labor’s international day by the presence of TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization’s general manager .during the ceremony ,DR NOORBAKHSH announced : this clinic has been utilized by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company in a 4400 meters land and 2400 CBM foundation .the related utilization has been finished in MAY 2017 and it contains several departments such as pharmacy(medicine stock ,pharmacist room)  emergency (4 under supervision beds, CPR room, bandage and injection room, watch physician room) clinical (the physicians exam room ,midwifery room)laboratory(parasitology, men and women sampling, the Responsible room, laboratory )the official and dentistry departments.

Satisfying the patient’s  life and treatment needs is the result of TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization services And they will do every effort in order to improve it. for this purpose TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company having a bright history in medical center’s equipment using  the most improved Devices and updated medical and non medical  facilities ,hoteling and fourfold plays an effective role in TAMIN E EJTEMAEI services improvement  .

CHAMESTAN is located between NOOR and AMOL cities with 60000 population and although it has suitable tourism and agricultural condition there is no medical center. TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization is responsible for this province’s treatment service improvement hence TAMIN E EJTEMAEI COMMERCIAL  company did the related utilization and equipment from zero to hundred using the experienced experts and technicians .

MAZANDARAN’S TAMIN E EJTEMAEI treatment manager  expressed :there was another honor in the  year of hope and policy that was utilized in the  health and treatment field and also added: the construction has been started in 2014 and they spend  755 billion RIALS for this clinic.

Dr KHORSHIDI announced the clinic’s services as: general physician visit, emergency, midwifery ,laboratory ,pharmacy, bandage and injection.

MAZANDARAN’S TAMIN E EJTEMAEI treatment manager  appreciated TAMIN E EJTEMAEI COMMERCIAL Company’s efforts in this project’s equipment and utilization by sending appreciation tablet.




KHUZESTAN is an industrial and proletarian province and treatment service  improvement Improves  the type of people’s life. This province contains more TAMIN E  EJTEMAEI hospitals Than every other cities except TEHRAN and its seventh hospital has been utilized by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company on May 2017 .

Being experienced for half century, TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company    is capable of   purchasing, setting up and installing the medical and non medical  equipment and devices , doing  the hoteling  and fourfold  from zero to hundred and following up for every medical center.

Being located in a 5235 meters land and 9975 CBM foundation ,this hospital has been Constructed in four floors and contains women ,men and children departments,emergency (9 under supervision beds, CPR room, plaster room, emergency surgery, room)  ICU ,CCU,NICU,4surgery rooms and general and professional clinics.  There are Para clinical services and Patients other required facilities such as laboratory , radiology ,dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy ,endoscopy ,bronchoscopy ,sonography, echocardiography  and sport test is being presented in this center .the surgery department s located in the third floor containing:

Neurology ,obstetric and gynecology ,orthopedic ,general ,eye and ENT.




Today raising the patients and attendants  satisfaction in  medical and non-medical services  became a serious concern for the planners and  decisionmakers of this field. the of health and treatment  filed planners try to raise the service providing  by presenting the necessary solutions in order to Improve the patients satisfactions .

Since the  hoteling plan has been implemented in the country’s  TAMIN E EJTEMAEI hospitals  ,the medical services such as professional units equipment And non-medical services such as  the building burnout ,beds , mattress ,closet, table, w.c,  installations (the cooling  and heating  system)and implementing the attendants required  services has been improved .huge number of referrals to VARAMIN’S PANZDAH E KHORDAD hospital which belongs to TAMIN E EJTEMAEI Organization made the organization  to concern  service providing improvement In the recent years.

This project’s utilization was celebrated with the presence of TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization’s president , DR NOORBAKHSH, national security  council and the parliament  foreign policy ’s spokesman ,MR NAGHAVI HOSSEINI and a group of this ceremony  the hoteling improvement plan ‘s target which is the service providing improvement was announced to people and  they expressed their hopes that these efforts to develop the  services  for this hospital  will be doubled .

this center  is working under the supervision of TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization and provides clinical services to :VARAMIN,PISHVA,GHARCHAK and PAKDASHT provinces.

For this purpose TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company Supplied  one cell counter full diff device ,7  central monitoring  and fetal devices, 3 Electroshock devices, 110 units of three functional sickbeds ,153  pieces of patient’s diner table,153 locker, 26   single step stool,100 patients attendant’s chair and 160 sickbed’s mattresses  to equip this center.

Considering that this hospital is located in the main eastern highway of the country and because of the strategic area of vast plains of VARAMIN region this clinic is very important for the emergency purposes.

TAMIN E EJTEMAI’s YADEGARAN E EMAM clinical center in KHOMEIN city was one of the centers which was utilized at the same time with the OMID VA TADBIR caravan’s trip to MARKAZI province .this center was also equipped by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company  with  20 children’s sickbeds,20 adults sickbeds,10 recovery stretchers, 30 newborn’s cut and set of nurse call system.



The hoteling improvement plan for SHAHID DR.MOAYERI hospital


in 1343 ,SHAHID DR.MOAYERI hospital located in MOJAHEDIN E ESLAM street has been utilized containing 100 fixed sickbeds.

TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization  figured out the hoteling improvement plan in 1394  considering the sufficient budget for that purpose, and in 1395  it has been utilized with the presence of direct treatment’s general director& Tehran state’s TAMIN E EJTEMAEI treatment’s  general director.

In the related plan’s utilization ceremony ,TAMIN E EJTEMAEI officials pointed  to The Improving update process  of TAMIN E EJTEMAEI hospitals and they have Indicated ,besides the physical extension and improvement of the centers they Took serious and basic  steps in order to update the treatment equipment too.

In this regard TAMIN E EJTEMAIE INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL COMPANY Conducted to equip the hospital’s hoteling .these  items are such as: mechanical Sickbeds, orthopedic surgery bed, patient’s dining table, bedside closet, ceiling serum stand, bedside single step stool, air sterilizer, patient’s top of the bed console .

then , while  appreciating Tehran state’s treatment general director ,TAMIN E EJTEMAEI’S social partners  and other active staffs regarding the hoteling Improvement its been mentioned  that the efforts has been done during the recent years used to be a wish for the organization.