ILAM’S SHOHADAYE ZAGROS TAMIN E EJTEMAEI HOSPITAL which has been opened via video conference by the president ,has been utilized and equipped by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI COMMERCIAL company.

DR.MOHAMMAD ALI HEMMATI, TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization’s treatment assistant announced During the opening ceremony , there will be electronic services being presented in ILAM’S SHOHADAYE ZAGROS hospital and furthermore hoteling improvement is to be seriously followed  so by the end of the year all of the hospitals hoteling will be improved and all the attenders will be pleased.

SHOHADAYE ILAM hospital is a smaller version of TEHRAN’s MILAD hospital including all the Required clinical and treatment facilities.

Having more than 50 years of experience in equipping ,set up ,improvement of the hospitals and treatment centers and as ILAM citizens demand TAMIN E EJTEMAEI COMMERCIAL company equipped and utilized this center  while purchasing all the modern facilities and equipment and Using the professional treatment personal and experts in order to give services to the insured and citizens.

This center has been constructed in a 7000 CBM foundation in 4 floors and includes: clinic, Emergency, scan and Dentistry.

the related equipment request was announce to TAMIN E EJTEMAEI COMMERCIAL company on 2011 and has been utilized on may  2017.

The first floor includes:4 ICU beds,16 women sickbeds and 16 men sickbeds. the surgery department is located in the second floor and  includes: orthopedic , obstetrics and gynecology ,eye and general .CPR, kitchen ,laundry  and frig are located in underground floor.

ILAM’S SHOHADAYE ZAGROS TAMIN E EJTEMAEI’s head of board of directors announced: All the hospital’s department such as surgery  and emergency departments have been equipped and all the required medical devices have been purchased and already set up and installed in this hospital.

ILAM province’s treatment manager appreciated TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company by sending them appreciation tablet.