SHAHRIAR TAMIN E EJTEMAEI professional clinic in SALMAS which was utilized and equipped by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL COMPANY  end April ,was an effective step to the prosperity and improvement of the medical equipment  and health  services for WESTEN AZERBAIJAN hence there was a fundamental change to SALMAS CITY’S TAMIN E EJTEMAEI ‘s Insured people’s treatment service.

Having a bright history in different fields of health system such as consulting, designing, equipping, setting up, improving and developing the medical centers related to TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization and other governmental  organs and private centers  this company is active in these fields.

SALMAS city is one of the western AZERBAIJAN cities  with 200000 population  and according to the cities geographical condition its people Demand to make more  health care and treatment facilities  in order to avoid and decrease  the number of patients  who Travel to the  other cities for treatment .this clinic was a general clinic in the past but after this project it has been improved  to a professional  clinic and with a 3115 CBM foundation this clinic contains:

pharmacy, emergency(room ,CPR room,  outpatient surgery room,….) clinic, hospitalization room, laboratory, exam room ,plaster room and official department and has been utilized on 2017/05/01  while it has been announced to TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company in 2015.

Western AZERBAIJAN ‘ s honorable manager appreciated TAMIN E EJTEMAEI COMMERCIAL ompany ‘s technicians and experts for making convenient condition and good quality products,  on time   equipment and higher engagement, by sending them appreciation tablet imultaneous with the labor’s day.