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Ministry of Welfare and Social Security
Ministers of the committee on social affairs and government at the meeting dated 03/03/1388, according to the proposal No. 13811 / S / 87 dated 08.12.1387 of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, according to Note 5 of the Annex to Article 4 of the Law social security, Article 3 of the Law amending the Law on Social Security and some laws in order to encourage employers to pay unemployment insurance, the premium for the annual arrears Msvb1387 staff and in compliance with decree No. 164082 / d 373 dated 10.10.1386 of the Executive Regulations Note these were approved as follows:

Regulations of Note (5) Additional Article (4) of the Social Security Act of 1387

Article 1-
In these Regulations, the following terms are used in the detailed meanings:

Law: social security law Msvb1354 and subsequent amendments.
The organization: Social Security Organization.
The workshop: workshops referred to in paragraph (3) of Article 2 of the law that the competent authorities are licensed activity.
The insured: individuals and non-governmental entities that paid managers Nmynmaynd.

Article 2
Premium rates according to Article 28 is the law.
Article 3
Deduct the premiums the insured, payment times will be between the minimum and maximum wage and the beginning of each year by the percentage that the provisions adopted by the Supreme Council added to the wage levels of employees increases. However, the premiums should not be less than the minimum wage and a maximum wage deduction on premiums higher.

Note 1: The insured pay monthly premiums for those who have more than ten years of contributions paid in the last twelve months the average premium basis to date the demand is less than the minimum wage, provided that the amount paid on time not pay.

Note 2: The insured pays a monthly premium less than ten years of contributions applicant to choose between minimum and maximum wages, the premium will be deducted.

Note 3 yards insured monthly wage premium paid on a lump-sum deduction Article (35) of the highest-paid workshop will not be fixed.

Article 4
Including records of outstanding insured is determined as follows:
A legal and non-governmental employers to the date of approval of these regulations through their workplaces in accordance with Article (28) of the send list and pay the premium or exemption from payment of insurance contributions in accordance with the law, employers with more than five workers approved by the 1361 to write the list and pay your premiums plus premium paid workers in the workshop, on the basis of lists submitted their records and insurance premiums paid by the employer's records.

Note equivalent of contributions to date is added to the maximum age requirement insured.

The insured prior to the date of adoption of this regulation on the basis of a law amending the paragraph "B" and Clause 3 of Article (4) of the Social Security Act Msvb1365 to the contract and its Bymhprdazy, can pay the premium referred to in Article (2) These Regulations (the insured and the employer's share) by sending the list to continue its action Bymhprdazy.

(C) to insure employers who did not, with a maximum of fifty-five years old, and Article (90) of the Act can pay the 27% premium referred to in Article (3) of the Regulations and subject to the provisions prescribed in the Regulations lists and has enjoyed the benefits of the law and previous records of the insured's age requirement of this clause is added.

(D) the date of notification of these Regulations apply to employers who self-insure to have organizations can deliver after this ordinance after the conclusion of the contract, your documents for admission to the organization's past records after obtaining employment by the organization to pay premium paid on the basis of contracts, records due to be taken account of.

Note 1: premium chargeable if requested by the employer and the approval of the Authority in accordance with Article (46) of a maximum of thirty-six installment is to be split.
Note 2: Hqbymhhay Mvqhay the implementation of the Regulations Prdakhtmyshvd, the ratio between the service only in the calculation of the pension, total disability and death is standard practice.

Including future records will be the employer of the insured only for the days their names included in the list of messages and also pay accrued premium.

Article 5:
Insured with lists and contributions of support for retirement, total disability, death and health care is important.

Article 6
Insured persons under the trusted medical certificate before applying this regulation because of disability insurance disabled are detected, unable to support the disability benefit, except in cases where the incident or other condition to be disabled.

Chapter I. Definitions and Overview
Article 1 of the Social Security law enforcement list of approved non-public institutions in 1373 in the number of non-governmental organizations and public institutions in the regulations to briefly "organization" and the High Council for social security "Supreme" is called.

Article 2 Recruitment: Accepting individuals to serve in the terms and provisions of the Regulations which include the following two conditions:
A) permanent employment: accept the person for continuous service, full-time decree appointed an official in one of the organizational positions.
B) temporary employment: accept the person for infrequent service, full-time contract for a fixed period under sentence one of the organizational positions appointed.

Note the limits for recruitment of temporary staff, subject to the provisions of the Regulations were shown in every respect. The terms and duration of the contract, extension or termination of staff shall be in accordance with the rules approved by the Board of Directors.

Article 3 of the decree: a written order of the competent authorities that the provisions of these Regulations and other relevant regulations issued consisting of two official state contract.

Article 4 of the service employment is to work according to the official order or contract staff required to do it.

Article 5 The organizational structure reflects the interaction that involves determining the roles, relationships between people, activities, hierarchy, goals and other aspects of the organization in terms of organization and organizational charts are:
A) Authority: represents a set of systems and procedures, rules of procedure determine the duties, duties in the form of organizational positions was organized to meet the criteria that will be approved by the board of directors.
B) organizational charts: represent the official composition based Organization involving relationships, authority, hierarchy and levels of command and division and distribution of tasks between the units for the organization.

Note the general guidelines and structure of the proposal of the Board of Directors and approved by the Supreme Council macro charts and detailed organization and duties of the board will come to pass.

Article 6 positions: a place in the organization for outsourcing staff to carry out specific duties and responsibilities was detailed.

Article 7 of the job: a set of tasks and responsibilities and determine which are known as unit.

Article 8 upgrade: Reference level positions or higher job classification scheme and evaluation criteria to staff jobs.

Article 9 Appointment: appointment of staff positions according to the criteria approved by the Board of Directors.
Article 10 degrades reference positions or lower level employees based on job classification and evaluation criteria for project jobs.

Article 11 Transfer: Moving the staff issued a formal ruling as follows if approved by the Council in Article 13 is allowed:
Transfer within the organization: Moving the staff issued a formal decree on organizational units.
Move to the outside and vice versa: Moving the employees to expert level with the permanent cessation of official employment relationship with the organization to create employment in other institutions, government agencies or non-public institutions and vice versa in accordance with the regulations.

Article 12 of the mission: the delegate of temporary duty or deployed out of the main service for a specified period to perform the task in accordance with the relevant provisions or sent to ministries, agencies and state-owned companies, institutions and the Islamic Revolution non-public institutions and vice versa or to complete educational programs stipulated in the Regulations.

Note 1 to workers who are or become embedded within the organization's mission will be treated in accordance with the provisions of these regulations. However, if the provisions of staffing, salaries and Fvqaladhhay their respective rights and Fvqaladhhay less than specified in the organization, as it will pay the difference.
Note 2: The organization can be assigned their staff to institutions and subsidiaries. Term mission staff as part of their service records accounted organization.

Article 13 of the board can be used to monitor or enforce the provisions of the Regulations and amendments and preparation of regulations and directives required the Council entitled "Administrative and Employment Planning Council" composed of the following form:

Council member and head of the Administrative and Financial
General Manager of Finance and member organizations
Director of administration councilor
2 experts specializing in the relevant areas to elect council

Secretary of the Council appointed by the President of the Council. Council then approved by the board of directors will be operational.


Chapter Two Conditions of entry into service and appointments
Article 14 of the entry into service of the people in the organization through a written test and an interview, selected on the basis of merit done. Exam and selection criteria will be approved by the board of directors.

Note: The entry into service of jobs or specific areas with the approval of the board of directors through interviews and selection will take place.

Article 15 of the conditions of entry to services for people in the organization are as follows:
A) citizenship of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
B) According to the Islamic Republic of Iran and Islam or a religion enshrined in the Constitution.
C) having a minimum of 20 and maximum of 35 years. In the professions or specific areas with the approval of the Board of Directors up to the age of 40 years.
D) having the education and professional knowledge and ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of the job.
E) having to serve under the flag leaf end (of necessity) or permanent exemption for men.
C) a lack of physical and mental health and drug addiction.
G) lack of effective criminal convictions.
Article 16 of hiring a law enforcement investigation into violations of administrative punishment or dismissal of the views of the competent authorities, retirement, redundancy and permanent dismissal from government service convicted is prohibited.

Article 17 A person who has accepted a permanent employment for at least 6 months and a maximum of 2 years and will serve as a trial if his conduct is satisfactory way and the final hiring decision will be issued.

Article 18 shall be subject to all provisions relating to staff employee during a trial service with the exception of the following:
A) Transfer and mission ministries, agencies and public corporations, institutions of the Islamic Revolution and non-public institutions.
B) the use of women's unpaid leave and part-time service.
C) a career change.
E) long-term deployment training missions, which resulted in obtaining the qualification.

Note: The trial staff shall comers educational programs in the educational system is predicted up to the end of the trial period successfully will be dismissed during their Otherwise, if possible training session is not possible for reasons of duty relevant training course before the next upgrade his staff to hold.

Article 19 provides that a service is not appropriate test for permanent work without the commitment and qualification of the service organization will be removed. In this case, the rights and Fvqaladhhay unused paid leave will be paid to him.

Article 20 of the organization can do your part of the services required for the purchase of service to natural or legal persons (in the framework of the constitution and bylaws of the transaction) and assign behalf contracts, contracting-out, expert consulting services and hours of service professionals or institutions and specialized companies use. This type of service is not subject to the terms of these Regulations and the organization will have no liability and employment relationship with these people and except for the cost of their services in the context of other advantages does not receive a contract concluded. The payment instructions will be approved by the board of directors.

Note tasks support services through a contract with the approval of the board of directors determined by an institution or official and prestigious companies is performed.

Chapter III - state employees
Article 21 of the staff in terms of employment in one of the following scenarios are:
A) employment: state employees who perform tasks related to organizational post incumbency ones.
B) Test status tests or interviews with employees who has successfully ended and before the final judgment, in the course of trials.
C) training or education: state employees who work for a certain period during an apprenticeship or training to prepare for service are met.
D) Mission: The situation of workers who temporarily served by the organization to training or be sent to the unit or other institutions.
E) educational mission: state employees for training in one of the training centers are deployed within or outside the country.
C) leave: state employees who paid leave or unpaid, and others listed in the Regulations, use.
G) excuse: state employees in the event of illness or childbirth in the use of sick leave.
H) retired lay employees who retire in accordance with the rules and regulations and in accordance with the official order and the alternative pension.
I) failure lay employees who at the discretion of the treating physician and approved by the Medical Commission of the lost ability to work and provisions have been disabled and the disability pension informatics.
D) permanent expulsion lay employees pursuant to court orders and legal opinions of the competent authorities of origin and subsequently barred from service.
E) temporary suspension lay employees under court orders or legal votes for a certain period of employment in the competent authorities of origin and subsequently barred.
F) Suspension: state employees, according to the competent authorities to decide his sentence pursuant to court orders and judgments of the competent legal authorities temporarily continue to serve the organization and affiliated institutions are excluded.
G) redemption: state employees in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations regarding their services cut and redemption becomes their service records.
N) resignation: state employees who continue to call on the service of the exempt organizations represented.
Q) dismissal of lay employees in law enforcement bodies to investigate violations of administrative or legal votes competent authorities in their work permanently in the end.
P) excused absence: state employees to causes outside the scope of his authority can not be justified at present serving their excuse for the organization to be established.
P) unauthorized absence, lay employees without authorization or provide reasons for his service not in place affirmative.
H) temporary interruption of service: state employees under the provisions of these Regulations, in one of the following scenarios do not work for a time specified in the organization:
1 Choose the Parliament, appointments to statutory regulations.
2 After obtaining a degree in higher education from the beginning of employment is subject to legal services, doctors and paramedics.
I) preparation service: state employees who under the provisions of these Regulations referred to below Pending determination and duty are:
1 Remove positions.
2. Lack of organizational position with the employee.
3. Lack of employee satisfaction in the lower level of job referral.
4 Where any employee for any reason is not at the service organization after the return, there is no vacancy appropriate to refer to them.
Article 22 permanent staff who are living in a state of temporary interruption of service, hours after the service cut and ready to continue serving on the organization qualified to one of the organization posts an organization appointed by, and when they post of vacant be suitable ready be will be served.

Article 23 of the employees are ready to serve in posts that will be created or provided without charge to the offices of the Communities, job level and qualifying conditions or other factors affecting the appointment in accordance with the terms of each of the employees set Our staff is the administrative ranks at least equal last post incumbency allowed.

Article 24 If the vacant after the organizational basis of Article 23 to refer to the staff on duty there, sent lower-level post will be subject to the consent of the employee concerned, otherwise the article (26) of the Regulations with them will be treated.

Article 25 of Law No emergency personnel on duty will be paid less than the minimum wage but in any case will not be determined by the staff.


Note: During preparation service organization can ask the staff if the conditions were pensioners, retired and otherwise be redeemed.

Article 27 of the organization can not be fixed except the ruling bodies of the organizational staff redundant unless they immediately appoint other positions.



Chapter IV Evaluation and Improvement of Human Resources
Article 28 The Authority is required at least once a year in terms of performance and talent staff efficiency, merit based on performance, effort and behavior (moral job), commitment and sense of responsibility and professionalism in order to increase efficiency and develop knowledge through the use of job-related criteria, objective, measurable using multiple evaluation sources by linking the evaluation system in education, rehabilitation and encourage and determine the career path for staff (appointment, promotion, change of job and serving in management positions) due rules and mechanisms that will be approved by the board, evaluate.

Article 29 of the organization can raise the level of expertise and technical skills, professional, management, public information and increase the efficiency of their staff training and education programs set directly or through institutes and training centers authorized to enforce:
A) Modular Training
B) General education
C) improve the management training

Note 1 training or apprenticeship training mission deemed this article.
Note 2 temporary employees sent to training courses abroad during prohibited.

Article 30 The granting short-term training missions at home and abroad is possible with the following conditions:
A) the relevance of the course to the needs of the job.
B) obtaining necessary guarantees of employee commitment and service.

Note 1 The grant is subject to its educational mission abroad that is not possible course in the country.
Note 2 Customer paid training missions inside and outside the country by the Council (Article 13) will be determined.

Article 31 of the Constitution of the training includes instructions on targets, employee training requirements, the quantity and quality of training of the executive and the content inside and outside the country, the quality of educational facilities with regard to the training requirements of the job, the educational programs training and other relevant terms of the criteria that will be approved by the board of directors, was.