4  TAMIN E EJTEMAEI treatment centers have been utilized by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI COMMERCIAL COMPANY

 TAMIN E EJTEMAEI COMMERCIAL COMPANY  is honored  playing its role in  improving TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization’s level of services and raising  the insured people and  the attender’s Satisfaction  by utilizing and equipping 4 treatment projects.

There were four treatment projects belong to TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization being opened and Utilized by presence of HOJATOLESLAM VALMOSLEMIN DR’ HASSAN ROHANI the president, the Cabinet and the official authorities via video conference.

The equipment which was sent to these clinics are such as: Non-medical products, medical products, Laboratory  categorizing and tabling ,drug store and drug warehouse(4 types).


This  treatment center  with 3115 CBM area and 80 billion RIALS credit, containing drugstore, emergency  (room, CPR, outpatient surgery ,…)laboratory ,clinic, sickrooms ,exam room, plasterwork  and the official Room was announced to TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL COMPANY     in  1394 and it  has been equipped and utilized by :1396/02  .

CHAMESTAN clinic in NOOR province:

The execution of opening  CHAMESTAN  NOOR’s  TAMIN E EJTEMAEI clinic started in 1393 by the  presence Of TAMIN E EJTEMAEI’s honored executive ,NOOR and MAHMOODABAD’s agent in the  Islamic Parliament, the governor and  other authorities of NOOR province.

This project with 4400 CBM area was announced  to  TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL  COMPANY in  1394 and the equipment was done by 1396/02 ,this equipment involves : pharmacy  Department(drug s warehouse, pharmacist room)emergency (under supervision  beds ,CPR room  ,bandage and Injection, standby doctor room)clinical(doctor’s exam room ,midwifery room) laboratory(parasitology , male and female sampling  ,laboratory official’s room)the official department  and dentistry .

CHAMESTAN is located between NOOR and AMOL  provinces with 60000 population  and although it has  tourism  capability and suitable agricultural situation,  so far there was no clinical center in this city.

Indeed this professional  clinic’s utilization was a worthy help to improve the level of treatment services  And an upheaval in MAZANDARAN province’s health area.


ILAM province is located in southwest of IRAN and after KERMANSHAH and SANANDAJ  it is considered  as IRAN’s  third biggest Kurdish city .

according to the frustration and lack of TAMIN E EJTEMAEI hospitals all over ILAM province, constructing  the 36 bed TAMIN E EJTEMAEI hospital  in this city  which is the fourth MILAD hospital in the country  after TEHRAN,KERMAN and BIRJAND was an effective step in order to improve the health  and  treatment services for the people in this area.

With 7000 meters AREA,THIS CENTER WAS CONSTRUCTED IN 4 FLOORS, the equipment and set up has  been announced to TAMIN E EJTEMAEI international commercial company in 1390  and it has been  utilized  by 1396/02.this project is containing the clinic, emergency, scan and dentistry.

The first floor contains:4 ICU beds,16 sickbeds for females and 16 sick beds for males.

The surgery department is located in the second floor which involves: orthopedic ,obstetrics and  gynecology ,general and eye. the kitchen ,CSR ,laundry  and frig are located in  under ground floor.

AHVAZ’s AMIRKABIR 96 beds hospital

THIS HOSPITAL  is located in a 5235 meters area and 9975 CBM foundation which is constructed in 4  floors and  involves: female ,male and children departments(9 under supervision rooms, CPR room, plasterwork room, emergency surgery room)ICU,CCU,NICU,4 surgery rooms ,general and professional  clinics. Para clinical services and other required services such as:laboratory,dentistry,radiology,drugstore  physiotherapy ,endoscopy ,bronchoscopy ,sonography , echocardiography ,physical test are being  presented in this hospital. the surgery department is located in the third floor and it contains: the  neurology , obstetrics and gynecology ,orthopedic ,eye ,general and ENT.




The 20th IRAN health exhibition of medical equipment has been held

The 20th Iran health exhibition of medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory quipment has been held 15-18th of may 2017 with participation of plenty Internal and foreign mighty companies  in TEHRAN province’s international Fairground.

This exhibition is called the second great occurrence in this area in the field of medical equipment and healthcare which is being held annually with the authorization of TOSE E TEJARAT organization and cooperation of HEALTH, TREATMENT and MEDICAL EDUCATION  ministry and there are more than 20000 Visitors who visit the fair every year.

The international commercial company was able to make an opportunity for bothTAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization’s medical centers and the activists in this ield.

The province’s honored treatment deputies and mangers ,hospital managers, The technicians in the health  and medical equipment field and  a group of TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization’s authorities visit from this company’s booth Was a good opportunity for health and medical filed’ s interaction and development and the INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company made an effective move in improvement of medical centers and honored TAMIN E EJTEMAEI patients satisfaction  according to supreme leader’s  command about economic strength ,production and occupation and by showing  its  capability in supporting the internal producers and elite business executives. Simultaneous with the exhibition there were four projects and medical centers  in SHAHRIAR, CHAMESTAN, AHVAZ AND ILAM cities which were equipped and utilized by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI NTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company in MAY 2017 with the great satisfactions.

Being directly connected to the customers, recognizing their needs  ,connections with the internal manufacturers and suppliers, interactions with the medical enters and companies, the opportunity to interact and consult with the echnicians and experts, considering the market demands and medical industry’s Way to the improvement were the INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company’s Goals of  articipation in IRAN HEALTH 20th fair.



20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health
20th IRAN health


MARVDASHT policlinic located in FARS province has been equipped and utilized  by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company.

MARVDASHT county being located in a good geographic area with humid weather, having plenty of water and proper soil and natural specifications was always being noteworthy and has been improved really fast .now a days MARVDASHT is the second county in FARS province and according to its suitable commercial  and business opportunities  and  life conditions is improving day by day  and because of its considerable distance with SHIRAZ and other cities instructing clinical centers in this county is really considerable.

MARVDASHT policlinic was utilized  in a 4000 m3 area and in 1394/01/26 its equipment has been requested from TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company.

This project was a 3 floor building including the laboratory ,dentistry ,radiology ,CPR, internist and professional clinics, surgery room, emergency room, hospitalizing departments which was  first  studied by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company experts  in its study and research units and equipped accordingly.

The whole processes being done by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMERCIAL  company is in order to improve the services being given to the TAMIN E EJTEMAEI supported patients and the equipment used for these centers are the best quality and updated with the latest medical methods and best valid Global brands.

The utilization ceremony was held by the presence of DR RABIEE,THE minister of Labor and social welfare ,DR NOORBAKHSH ,TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization’s General manager ,the supreme leader’s representative and some of the local authorities in MARVDASHT province.



Arab  Health 42ND medical equipment exhibition will take place from  2017/01/30 to 2017/02/02 that is

1395/11/11 to 1395/11/14. This exhibition has been called one of the biggest medical event in Persian

golf area and the second biggest medical exhibition in the world that introduces ,supports and exchange

communications between the international and area physicians ,pioneer manufacturers sellers and

distributors  while  making  the  convenient  for the participants .DUBAI’s medical equipment exhibition

is reputed for  announcing the  best quality and continuing  medical education to  medical professionals  

,has been held 19 congresses for medical field’s active people  and during the last 3 decades has covered

3900 production cases.

every year there are lots of surgeons ,dentists, drugstore  managements ,pharmacists ,medical field’s

merchants and  physical engineers   who visit the exhibition in order to discover the news in this field.

There would be more than 13000 delegates attending this event  from all over the world and the

International  congress speakers will cover expanded index of medical ranges. There  are more than

4000exhibitors  showing their latest technologies to  163 countries’  professional medicals who  

participate  from all over the world. the congress’s aim is to held meetings between the medical area 

and health merchants and the customers and making connections with the active competitors  and


This exhibition will take place in the most modern and targeted exhibition area and in the center of

DUBAI’S trade area and   only 20 minutes away from the airport. the Health and Treatment exhibition in

Dubai is also hosting 39 exhibitors worldwide  in order to show the medical equipment and hospital

devices and equipment.

The medical 3D printers will be one of the newest medical achievements being showed  in this


The other products  being showed in Arab Health exhibition are the medical technical equipment,

electro medical ,laboratory technology ,orthopedic ,diagnostic, medical tools, surgery tools, hospital

 equipment ,textile ,building engineering ,media communications, services, hospital’s furniture ,

physiotherapy , orthopedic technologies ,consumer’s products, information and communication

technology, medical publications and services.

The ARAB Health mobile app was developed to enhance your Arab Health experience before, during

And after the show. navigate  the expansive floor plans, browse through the thousands of exhibitors and

products and personalize your experiences by creating your  own favorites and notes all from your own


The Dubai’s Health and treatment  congress organizers has  committed to guarantee that all of  the

conferences would be related to the precious ,updated subjects related to the  medical fields .moreover

this event’s hosts are going to highlight the developed technologies and researches in order to inform

the participants. the delegates can ensure about the appropriateness of the subject of conference and

CME in order to participate in a reputed  conference.

IRAN is one of the most important participants in this event which is improving every year  and being

more capable in the field of medical equipment and NANO Technology.

TAMIN E EJTEMAEI international commercial company will be actively present in this even in order to

Increase the communications and connections and they are willing  to visit the exhibition with some of

the treatment  field managers  and be presented in the medical conference .

the Arab Health medical congress will include the following conferences :

-3D medical printing conference:30 january-2 february 2017

-Big Data conference:31 january-1 february 2017

-Emergency  Medicine conference  and workshop 31 january-2 February  2017

-9th Middle East Gastroenterology congruence-1-2 February 2017

-Healthcare business  Forum-Regulation and Licencing-1 February 2017

-Leaders in Healthcare conference-2 February 2017

-Oncology Conference -30-31 January 2017

-Orthopedics Conference -30 January-2 February 2017

-Paediatrics Confrence-30-31 January 2017

-Public Health Forum-30 January-2 February 2017

-Quality management Conference -1-2 February 2017

-Surgery Conference-30 January-2 February 2017

-Total Radiology Conference-30 January-2 February 2017






HORMOZ HEALTH  third international exhibition of medical equipment was held December 2nd to December 4th in KISH  island with the aim of introducing the Territorial and foreign capabilities in the field of health and medical equipment .

In this exhibition there were totally 132 participants  including  territorial companies  and   also the SOUTH KOREA,JAPAN,AMERICA,BELGIUM,GERMANY ,CHINA,NETHERLAND representatives were exhibiting their latest technologies And products in a 14 thousand m3 area  in the center of KISH island’s international exhibitions fair.

TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMEERCIAL COMPANY, having  done a brilliant job in the field of supplying  medical equipment for the centers, was hosting the province’s treatment managers and board of technicians and other experts  in medical field  such as GOLESTAN ,KASHAN,KHORASAN SHOMALI, KOHKILOOYEH VA BOOYER AHMAD, KHORASAN ESHOMALI, ,KORDESTAN  treatment Managers and also their financial managers and medical equipment authorities  other medical experts and accompanying delegations   in booth NO 65 while cooperating  with HORMOZ HEALTH exhibition’s secretariat .

some of the exhibition achievements were to observe various companies  new products ,to exchange ideas, to negotiate and cooperate in the field of treatment in order to improve these kind of deals and in order to stimulate  this filed and its experts.

in the opening ceremony MR ESHAGH AMERI, the executive secretary  ,indicated that exhibitions are the language of industry and has pointed out  the supreme leader’s instructions regarding the  economic strength, action ,he predicted that in the future of the festival there will be two parts of export-oriented manufacturers and the medical equipment importers and the comparison of territorial and foreign products in order to improve the territorial products and make a healthy competitive  market.

The exhibition was held with the presence of importers  and exporters ,experts And technicians of  health and medical equipment .

In the closing  ceremony of the exhibition  dated December 4th,the HORMOZ HEALTH  secretariat  has given the appreciation memorials to the exhibition Participants.