MARVDASHT policlinic located in FARS province has been equipped and utilized  by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company.

MARVDASHT county being located in a good geographic area with humid weather, having plenty of water and proper soil and natural specifications was always being noteworthy and has been improved really fast .now a days MARVDASHT is the second county in FARS province and according to its suitable commercial  and business opportunities  and  life conditions is improving day by day  and because of its considerable distance with SHIRAZ and other cities instructing clinical centers in this county is really considerable.

MARVDASHT policlinic was utilized  in a 4000 m3 area and in 1394/01/26 its equipment has been requested from TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company.

This project was a 3 floor building including the laboratory ,dentistry ,radiology ,CPR, internist and professional clinics, surgery room, emergency room, hospitalizing departments which was  first  studied by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL company experts  in its study and research units and equipped accordingly.

The whole processes being done by TAMIN E EJTEMAEI INTERNATIONAL COMERCIAL  company is in order to improve the services being given to the TAMIN E EJTEMAEI supported patients and the equipment used for these centers are the best quality and updated with the latest medical methods and best valid Global brands.

The utilization ceremony was held by the presence of DR RABIEE,THE minister of Labor and social welfare ,DR NOORBAKHSH ,TAMIN E EJTEMAEI organization’s General manager ,the supreme leader’s representative and some of the local authorities in MARVDASHT province.