Kashani Tehran hospital development plan

Recognizing the need to develop and modernize Kashani hospital in Tehran in the area of ​​treasury deprived Bukhari, after the hospital buildings, equipment operation started with the transfer of part of the operating room, intensive care, clinics, laboratories, and hospitals to new building the capacity of women admission in this hospital beds increased from one hundred and fifty beds in two.

The services provided in this hospital are:

Outpatient services: Physician Mamayy- public consultation Gyry- Supply vaccination injection molded Vpansman-

Hospital services: emergency-medical-heart children Vrvq- babies - Zayshgah- women Vzayman- Artvpdy- Arvlvzhy- eye surgery, general medicine, ear, nose and pharyngeal

Special section: CCU- ICU

Clinics: All clinics inpatient care-psychiatry infected - Asab- domestic neurosurgery - physical medicine & rehabilitation clinics Forums: general surgery, gastroenterology

Laboratory services: pharmacy Patvlvzhy- Laboratory - Dental - Dental Radiography - Svnvgrafy- Fyzyvtrapy- endoscopy (colonoscopy Gastrvskvpy-) - Nvarqlb- Halter Manytvryng- Akvkardyvgrafy- Vrzsh- test Optometry - Eye echo -Sng breaker inside the body Cystoscopy

Project development cost 50 billion rials Kashani hospital equipment was delivered and put into operation.